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Best iTunes Equalizer Setting for Bass Lovers (Bass 3X / Mega Bass / Bass Boost)

Use these dials to boost the volume. If you click on the button, you will be presented with an equalizer and numerous other nifty controls:. Hear is a little more complex than the other applications. It is jam packed with features, as you can see from this screenshot:. VLC free and open source. I'm not including VLC as a complete solution as it may not work in your specific case.

However, it is a half solution. You may be wondering why I include VLC as a solution.

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Here's why: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Free or cheap software to boost volume of Macbook? Other related questions: Better to improve the answers on the existing question if all you seek is different answers. As written, we've got good question coverage on this topic already. Upon opening the application, click "System Audio" in the list on the side: In my use of Audio Hijack Pro for boosting volume, this seems like a viable solution. If you click on the button, you will be presented with an equalizer and numerous other nifty controls: It is jam packed with features, as you can see from this screenshot: I was having a problem with Soundflower not passing sound through to the built in output soundflower 1.

Everything else works just fine, brilliant actually! Thank you so much! Thx thx thx. This is a great tip! Have been trying to do this for awhile and this is a great solution. Im running Mountain Lion, i can get this to work only through my headphones? When i unplug them, no sound comes out of my built in MacBook speakers…. Literally just fixed it. Before i selected Soundflower as my audio output, i had my speakers muted.

I reselected the build in output, and unmuted them, then reselected soundflower and viola it works for both headphones and internal speakers! This works great. I have just one problem. I have set the system volume to the maximum level, and the volum levels on Audio 1 AND Output 1 is also maxed out. Is there any easy fix to get the volum higer?

Got it all to work except last step where you right click on AU Lab icon to make it load during booting. Hi Great tip, but is it possible to make it work with airplay? Can this be fixed, or is it only possible to output the sound without and equ? If so, is there any third party apps available? I do have exactly the same problem. Output thru all devices except AirPlay is ok.

Sending sound directly to AirPlay or via SoundFlower is working fine. As you can see in the screenshot: Anyone every had that happen? Thanks for posting this up!

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I have been looking for a free and descent system wide eq since I switched from linux got spoiled with the audio output options there. Just from a descent set of 2. This is awesome, makes even just my iMac speakers sound sooooooooo much better! I can get it to work with the built in speaker but not through my apogee duet that goes to my powered monitors. I was able to get buzzing digital clipping sound, turned down the levels, but it still sounded somewhat distorted and the volume would not work. Any suggestions would be awesome. It works for me. However, everytime I restart I loose the sound, requiring me to create a new document.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Works great. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again. Is anybody else getting this message? It usually happens after the system being in sleep mode overnight. I have this problem on Snow Leopard. I never figured out a fix, but my workaround was to install sleepwatcher and have it run an applescript that closes and opens my preset on wake. This had always too much Bass through my external speakers but now I can get it just right.

I can see the sound registering in the AU Lab monitor window, but nothing comes out of my speakers when I select Soundflower in my sound output prefs. Is this ok? Or did I do something wrong in the setup process for me to not have the correct choice displayed? Great post. I downloaded AU lab from http: Hi Dan I got a problem on installing the equalizer using Au Lab and Soundflower and hope you can assist.

I followed the above instructions but did a wrong selection at Step 4 and saved in a Document File. The factory configurations would not appear again.

Create an Equalizer for All Audio in Mac OS X

I would appreciate your advise. Thank you.

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This works really well, much better than a 3rd party app. However, there is one issue. Got this to work without a problem, awesome. But what I am trying to do is setting up separate equalizer settings for right and left output. This way I can compensate a bit for the slight loss of hearing in a specific range in my left ear. Any audio magicians out there who know how to set this up?

The last one is my default sofar. Somebody also have problems with optical out. Awesome tip. Works great on OS X The system wide equalizer was really essential for me to turn down the mids for my logitech z Also sometimes the sound gets stuttery. I have to restart AU lab to fix it. I found a workaround for this. After restart Au Lab would open, but not the settings. If you use this free program: Well, when I use soundflower I feel like I get less quality.

It just sounds strange, to me. But when i use the AU Lab, it just amplifies that imperfection even at the same volume level. Which is weird. This is without any effects or anything. So I lower my computer volume and I ad a crapp ton in the lower freq. Why is a strict audio output giving me feedback issues?

Sony MDR professional circumaural headphones. It did for me on my Hackintosh. Plug in your headphones. Now change the output to Soundflower 2ch 4. Open AU Lab and check that your db limit is set between This is indicated by the small triangle on the right side of the volume level meters. Way quicker than opening sound preferences through the system preferences. Great tip guys!

So, went on the lookout for this, and what a gem. And system-wide, so good sound from Safari to boot. Such an inelegant solution! TO make all this modifications for something so simple? But I have an external Focusrite audio interface. Fixed this thing by creating a sound aggregate in MIDI setup. Setting the desired input and my Focusrite as output. Can you reword it?

Tried different versions of aggregate devices, still nothing. How do you delete all of this? Any help? The problem seems to be that somewhere in the audio path the signal is divided and goes in parallel both to Au lab and continues its path. How can we rout it only to Au lab? If it did not have that crackling sound every so often it would have been great. I am using Yosemite. Though your tutorial sounds great, at least under Yosemite Sound Flower simply does not work at all for me. The AU Lab Audio input shows no input signal.

Luckaly I found the Kuwatec virtual loopback driver which works great: One thing to note, if you choose to put the AULab effects on the output channel, it will not work if you are using the Built-in Line Out output. If you use the headphone jack, you can process on the Output 1 channel. Not sure. NO distortion if you open up the Dynamics processor and tweak the master gain down so that it stays just below the threshold.

Wish I could get it working on the Yosemite side of my dual-boot system though. I need help!

Thanks for this resource. I got this working perfectly using my built-in output. And all other combinations I could imagine. But I did not get it working. Has anyone else tried any similar to this and got it working? Any way to get it via the headphone port as well? Step 4: I see that complicated systems may be downloaded and that a function of these systems is such control. A security issue exists in the Soundflower. The following steps lead to the security issue —. Download Soundflower A pop-up dialog appears: Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the Mac App Store and identified developers.

A pop-up message appears: Are you sure you want to open it? If you acquired this package recently, it may not be authentic. Do you want to continue with the installation anyway? The Certificate window opens and contains the following information: Issued by: Thursday, August 1, at 8: This certificate has expired. If you have nothing to hide on your computer, and, if you have no concern about installing an application that may or may not be authentic and may or may not contain spyware or malware, go ahead and install the Soundflower. However, if you have something to hide, or, if you are concerned about whether this application might contain spyware or malware, you carefully should consider whether you want to take the risk of exposing your computer and yourself to possible spyware or malware.

Good luck. Hi In Mac OS I use line out. Where do I find output controls? If you simply want equalising, try Boom 2 app. Boom 2 equalisers work for me. I just used it successfully on a macbook pro on OS Make sure your soundflower install matches your OS version. The latest beta in the link on this site is not the latest version available, and is only compatible with Google can help you find a compatible version for Create the free developer account and download AU Lab from apple!!!

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