Mac mini 2012 i7 2.6 review

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Mac mini review (2012)

There's enough application power to handle all but the most demanding of business software, but don't expect the Mac mini to handle graphical tasks just as well. Intel's HD graphics chip scored a mediocre 57fps in our Low-quality Crysis test, and there's now no option to included a discrete GPU. That's almost at the thermal envelope of this particular part and, while the system never became unstable, it's a cause for concern.

Mac Mini Late 2012 Upgrade 2.6Ghz 16gb RAM Intel Core i7 DIY Fusion Drive

Power draw was more impressive, though, with the system idling at just 18W and peaking at 73W. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Apple Mac mini review The Mac mini retains the same design, but Apple has included the Fusion Drive technology and beefed up the processors.

Is the 2.6 GHz i7 upgrade worth the cost? (2012 Mac mini)

Image 1 of 4. Mike Jennings Reviews 24 Jan, Apple's Mac mini doesn't look any different to last year's version, but this doesn't matter because the design and build quality is outstanding. We customized it to include a 2.

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The super-charged mini was faster in our processor-intensive tests: All results are scores. Higher scores are better.

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Best result in bold. Reference models in italics. SSDs are fast as all get out, but they have very limited capacity and they cost a lot more than traditional drives. The new processors feature Hyper-Threading, enabling two threads to run on each core, for four virtual cores on the entry-level dual core chip and eight on the more expensive quad core model. At times of high needs, Turbo Boost enables the processors to temporarily operate above their maximum clock speed. The 2.

Overall, the new processors represent a welcome step up for the entry-level model, and a very significant increase in power for the more expensive Apple Mac mini. You can daisy chain up to six devices to a single Thunderbolt port, and it can even handle two Apple displays.

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