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Message It installs well and I have full use over the mouse and keyboard during the character creation phase. Is their a logitech controller option? Thanks for your amazing effort in getting this game to run on linux. I am using linux mint Kind Regards ShenLun. Information This update has been approved by the team. Updated download hash. Downloading resource http: I have managed to make it work. I have reinstalled the game and waited for it to download the patches multiple times yeah, multiple times.

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After that it worked. I can play it but i have the map areas issue and the Mission names issue. Wen i hover the mouse on any of those the game crashes. Found, PID: Message Hello, I'm running on Antergos a version of Arch. Client opens now I hope this helps someone else. Message I don't know what could have changed, maybe some change SWTOR did, but I can now get the login screen, am able to set the language from French to English, run the updates and run and play the game. Message It does not work on Yosemite Game installs fine and the launcher appears.

But when you hit play the loading screen appears and the game is stuck. GetWindowPlacement not supported on other process window 0x err: Intel Iris Graphics MB. Message The program runs greatly well, with one exception. Info about my system at the end of the backtrace. Message Program runs great, connects great, starts great except every so often it will crash.

Message The game will start. In Hybrid - graphics card is not going well. Someone an idea? Message Attempting to download on my MacBook Pro. J'utilise Wine 1. Je me dis que c'est juste une info, donc j'ouvre le second terminal pour y taper: Le jeu se lance avec 1. Message Hello, I wrote the previous message and was just wondering if there was more information I should have provided?

Here is the debugger log: Upgrade Wine to 1. Mais le jeu freeze enormement et crash dans les cas suivants: Super, le jeu fonctionne en 1. Message I am unable to log in to the game. Can anyone help? Here's the output of the debugger: Have not had a chance to try gameplay yet. Message My computer details, error message, and debug log are below.

Have I not had a response because the information I provided was inadequate? So far, looks like this has just been a big waste of time. Your log is so garbage to read. Would you yourself read something like that try to figure out what's wrong? This site is known to have some issues with Chrome, all the line-returns have been dropped Took time to get it proper before posting. Looked fine in review. When I posted then it went like you see it.

So, trying again in Firefox, instead of Chrome. See new post. Attempt to add property GnomeProgram:: NotifyAddrChange Handle 0x32cbbc, overlapped 0xfeb5c8: EnumDisplayDevicesW null ,0,0xa2d8,0x , stub! EnumDisplayDevicesW null ,0,0xa8,0x , stub! EnumDisplayDevicesW null ,0,0xd38,0x , stub! EnumDisplayDevicesW null ,0,0xeb8,0x , stub! CancelIPChangeNotify overlapped 0xfeb5c8: I saw nothing special Have you tried with other Wine versions than Ubuntu compiled Wine?

Crashes when the game loading screen pops up. Any fix for this and how i would do this? Thanks guys. Please read the wiki; we need full computer specs and debug logs to troubleshoot any issues.

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Connaissez vous une solution? Je suis sur fedora Cordialement, Alzeif. Message When I install Star Wars: If you are wanting US English, simply replace the "fr-fr" with "en-us". However, this means you will have to download the game data again. Message The game works fine most of the time but it crashes occasionaly. Thx in advance. Sorry for the question but which forum do I post my question on? There is so many to choose from! It explains it in the first section How long does it usually take to get your questions answered because i posted my q at noonish.

I fixed the flickering problem but my next question would be what would be the optimal settings for this game on my mac. Could you link me to the forum page about stuttering, I can't seem to find it. There is not a forum page about stuttering I gave you the link telling you how to post in the forums asking for help.

You posted in the forums, so you will need to be patient, and if someone has a solution, they will tell you. Well good sir, you closed my post on stuttering so I am afraid I can not post a question on that.

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I would greatly appreciate it if you could reopen it and allow people to answer the question old sport. I edited your post to remove your profanity. Do it again, and you will be banned. No exceptions. There is no excuse for profanity. There is the post, that is open, not locked: I found it: I will unlock it but you need to post your full debug log in there so that we can help you. That is why your post was locked, and that is why I posted the link on how to post in the forums.

Sorry if I am sounding rude. Sometimes the way I word things and the amount that I type, one may infer rudeness. I am not trying to be. It's all good. Just don't swear. I hate having to use the ban stick. It is not a fun part of the job. Message I rarely get past the initial loading screen and when I do, it's glitchy to say the least and has never let me past character creation. Pour info: Message So I've been experimenting on my MBPr mid and this decreases battery health significantly! Message Runs fine with the various caveats listed in the winehq.

You can try it easily by installing wine If we can confirm that it works and does not break anything, we might be able to just update the script to use the newer Wine version. Sounds good, I'm new to PlayOnLinux but have been using wine for a while. I will give it a try next time I sit down to play, and will let you know what happens.

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I tried 1. None fixed the crash problem. On the pulse side, change wine versions is very easy. Message Screen blocked, game crashed after 10 mn of play Message Le jeu marche bien sauf quelque petit bug qui cause des crashes du jeu comme: Sinon un grand merci ce jeu est genial. En esperant que vous allez pouvoir corriger ces leger bug. Merci d'avance! Message I have it running well on my macbook pro mid Nevertheless, thanks a lot for this program. I can read that others have long start up time and i can live with that also.

Can you post in the forums with your full computer specs and debug output? It is not wrong to post here, but I feel you will get more attention in our actual forums. Message Bonjour, heureux de voir que le jeu tourne. Then the character selection works fine.

In game , I experience periodic lags, even in very low graphics. I also installed PhysX using playonlinux. Thanks for going this far: Message I got a backtrace file while using Wine 1. But here is the content of this file: Message what I have done so far: I cant do anything at that point: Message I added comctl32, ddrawex, and gdiplus to the libraries in the Wine config and I no longer have any issues no mini-map issues, freezes, etc. Ok, I installed gdiplus, but I cannot find comctl32 or ddrawex in the "install components" tab.

Could you please explain how I can install those two? Any further help is greatly appreciated! Woops, I was looking in the wrong place, adding them now. I'll post back the results! Ok, I added those three to the libraries in wine config from the drop down box and unfortunately it did not work, the map freeze bug is still happening. Did I do this correctly or did I miss anything? Thanks a lot so far WarfarinKithwood, I really appreciate your help on trying to fix this issue!!!!

I forgot the library msls That said, I did have a map crash for a waypoint directly in the middle of the map. I tested this three times. Still, it's much more playable for me right now. Also, I am not in a virtual desktop. Running at screen res x If I think of anything else, I'll let you know. Just added msls It is still playable for me too, but I just got to avoid the map with the cursor. If I come upon a solution for this elsewhere I will be sure to post it here.

Thanks again. Message There are more in depth details of the freeze issue at winehq link below that many, including myself, are experiencing. Message Everything in the game runs fine, including the map and other stuff that gave others problems, minus the fact that randomly the GUI ingame will disappear and the screen will freeze.

Just to clarify; the video freeze and GUI disappearing happens at the same time, they are not two different issues. Ok this is the line that is spammed hundreds of times before the freeze occurs:. GetWindowPlacement not supported on other process window 0x Hmmm, Aside from the two lines I've posted there isn't anything else showing up once I'm in the game. I have no idea what to do now other than play around with settings.

Thanks anyhow for your input thus far. I think i fixed the freezing problem! What I did was I changed the virtual desktop resolution to x same as my actual monitor res and I changed the ingame resolution to the same. Before my VD res was x as per a youtube suggestion , and my ingame was x So Im assuming the difference between the two was messing something up. I have a new problem now though.

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This then moves part of the game display off of the screen see pic. How do I fix this now?? Alright, I jumped the gun, the game is still having the freezing problem. I fixed the virtual desktop problem though by not running it in virtual desktop for whatever reason at first it wasnt booting the game unless in VD, now it does though lol. Can't even get past the launcher. Able to start the launcher, once i enter my username and password it just hangs there with the wheel going around and around.

Seems to not be able to download. I'll try a bit more.. Tried this to see if it would fix my problem posted above but it doesn't as I can't even load the launcher with this wine version. The launcher where you enter your account appears but then crashes right away. This is the debug output.

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EnumDisplayDevicesW null ,0,0x57fa,0x , stub! EnumDisplayDevicesW null ,0,0x57f,0x , stub! Message I have to correct my previous comment. Another bug: After logging in, it happens nothing for about two minutes. Then the game starts. I'm currently building wine 1.

Can you try when it's done? Message So far the game runs well, I think. However, overall it's playable and runs well, I guess. Message This program runs well but I have a problem now: Message The Game itself won't launch Here the debug info: Running wine NotifyAddrChange Handle 0x32cbbc, overlapped 0x30eaeb0: EnumDisplayDevicesW null ,0,0x77fa,0x , stub! EnumDisplayDevicesW null ,0,0x77f90d8,0x , stub!

EnumDisplayDevicesW null ,0,0x77f8ed8,0x , stub! EnumDisplayDevicesW null ,0,0xdb8,0x , stub! EnumDisplayDevicesW null ,0,0xc58,0x , stub! EnumDisplayDevicesW null ,0,0xde8,0x , stub! CancelIPChangeNotify overlapped 0x30eaeb0: EnumDisplayDevicesW null ,0,0xadcdfd8,0x , stub!

GetProcessWorkingSetSize 0xffffffff,0xaace8e4,0xaace8e0: There isn't anything to be seen, the launcher window cleses, and nothing else happens. Except several lines of fixmes appearing for a while, but after the last posted line, nothing happens at all. Als, I've tried the wine 1. I'm guesing it has something to do with: Can you run this please? Oh, yeah, in this case, can a Mod remove the negativ Feedback? Cause its clearly not the scripts fault! I can't change that: I have the same problem potentially.

When I hit play it goes blank but it still running. Technically if I alt tabe or find my programs running I can find it and evetnually get it to come up but it's at the splash screen with a stuck rotating thing in the corner. This is how the wine version went exactly. I have had it working through the one guys script.

I forget the full reason for the stuck splash but the other problem was something to do with how swtor client goes directly to their server and the exact server adress has to be accessed directly or something I don't know if that helps or if you don't already know that. But I had it working and played besides the horrendous performance in normal wine.

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Fixes the previous problem. Message After a first install, it doesn't work at all, the installation process doesn't work at the end "you don't install the program at the right place" or something like that, i send you the exact report with the playonlinux apllication. Thanks for the job anyway Wil.

Well, you might have not installed the program correctly. I'll retry tomorrow to be sure. Anyway, after long hours of download, the game starts this morning without errors, thank you again for the job ;-. When we click try this update what do we tell it to access? The exec of the program or playonlinux?!

Mine is looking for an application. It means that it might not work as expected Install this program Informations Platforms: Screenshots Source code! Tutul Thursday 1 February at Smokestack45 Tuesday 20 February at 7: Tutul Wednesday 31 January at Use it at your own risk Try this update Message this version should GreatDaner Friday 17 November at 5: Colbiashi Friday 22 December at 5: Did you figure it out?

Replies OkiFedora Wednesday 6 September at One note, there were t OkiFedora Wednesday 6 September at OkiFedora Friday 8 September at Use it at your own risk Try this update Message Movies don't work in repaired script. GreatDaner Friday 17 November at 6: Replies Greckoy Monday 28 August at Replies Shakuniboss Saturday 26 August at Shakuniboss Saturday 26 August at ImperatorS79 Monday 28 August at With the update 5.

Replies incomingfire Tuesday 22 August at D2Runn Wednesday 9 August at VixorDeland Wednesday 9 August at VixorDeland Thursday 10 August at VixorDeland Wednesday 9 August at 1: I'm impressed. Replies Negrila Friday 4 August at Negrila Friday 4 August at Last updated: February 12, EA Games. User rating: Found a bad link? Help us by reporting it. Enjoy Choice and Flexibility Play the complete story-driven adventure up to Level 50 for free with some restrictions or enjoy unlimited game access as a Subscriber including a Rewards Program which will grant Complimentary Cartel Coins, a new virtual currency used to purchase valuable items in the Cartel Market.

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