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Voice memos can be useful in a myriad of ways. Maybe you recorded your to-do list, the new song you are working on or the notes you wish to add to a term paper. Because they are important, you obviously want to keep them so you may sync them to iTunes or for a more accessible solution, transfer them to your computer. In this article, we are going to look at several ways you can transfer the important memos to your Mac computer.

How to Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to Mac

Step 3: You can transfer voice memos via email but as we have seen in Part 2 above, you can only do that one at a time. This is counter-productive if you have multiple voice memos to transfer. This program allows users to easily select all the Voice memos on their device and quickly, in one-click transfer all of them to the computer. But what if, you want to upload voice memos from iPhone to Mac to save up your limited phone space?

Well, we are here with a quick tutorial to help you out!

Voice Memos leaps onto Mac

Space is a big issue for iPhone users! And if you want to get those iPhone voice memos onto your MacBook, there are 3 ways by which you can get it done. Transferring iPhone voices memos to Mac with the help of email can be the easiest way by far. One can repeat the whole process again and again but it takes a lot of time. But nevertheless, if you have one file or two files, you can start transferring by following these steps:.

Voice Memos in iOS 12

An email window will automatically open up with your memo being attached along with it. Just put the email address or the recipient and send it.

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You are done! As, discussed earlier, using email to transfer memos is tedious and monotonous, as you can select and transfer files one at a time.

But when it comes to iTunes, you can start transferring multiple memos at a time. On your iPad or Mac, select a memo, then tap or click.

How to use the amazing new iOS 12 Voice Memos app | Cult of Mac

Choose a way to share, such as Messages or a social media app. Or save your memo to another location with an option like iCloud Drive or Mail. Voice memos stay in the Recently Deleted folder for 30 days and then are deleted permanently. You can recover a voice memo if it's still in the Recently Deleted folder:. Then edit and share your recording. How to record a voice memo Open the Voice Memos app or ask Siri to open it.

To record, tap or click. On your iPad or Mac 1 , tap or click. Edit a voice memo After you record a voice memo, it's easy to replace a section, trim the recording, or delete part of it. How to replace part of a voice memo Tap the memo that you want to edit.

On your iPad or Mac, select the memo, then tap or click Edit. Swipe the waveform left or right until the blue playhead is positioned at the beginning of the part that you want to replace.

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  8. On your Mac, position the blue playhead on the recording overview at the bottom of the app to select a starting place. Tap Replace to rerecord over the existing memo.